Are you looking for a catheter system that holds still?

Catheter dislocation and migration are common, but underreported and unresolved problems of Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block catheters (CPNB catheters).¹

The E-Cath Plus “Catheter over Needle” system, developed by Dr. Ban Tsui and PAJUNK, significantly reduces dislodgement and catheter migration when compared to traditional “Catheter through Needle” CPNB systems.² ³ To learn about the advantages of the E-Cath Plus system, please visit our product website.

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  • Ease of use

  • Minimize leakage

  • Minimize migration


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3 Tsui B, Tsui J Less leakage and dislodgement with a catheter-over-needle vs a catheter-through-needle approach for peripheral nerve block: an ex vivo study. Can J Anesth 2012; 59: 655-661.